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Ingredients for dogs and cats

Proteins contribute to a healthy body structure, strong muscles and sturdy bones in dogs and cats. Cats have a (much) larger protein requirement than dogs.
Fat in the feed is the most important source of essential fatty acids and the most important source of energy. Carbohydrates provide energy and resistance.

The following products are used in pet food:

  • Cereal flakes and extrudates for optimum digestibility, smell, taste and texture.
  • Starch-rich, gluten-free potato products produced to customer-specific composition at a product location specially designed for that purpose.
  • Circular products based on rice flour and rice cakes.
  • Easily digestible starch based on specially selected bread.
  • Dehusked legumes as a (gluten-free) replacement for animal proteins.
  • Toasted, non-GMO soya beans of European provenance.

Overview of feed ingredients for dogs and cats: