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Ingredients for porkers’ feeds

Porkers’ feeds are aimed at an optimal mix of growth, feed conversion, meat percentage and thickness of fat. The juvenile growth gained must be used to the maximum to achieve the required production goal and return during the pig fattening phase. Starter feed therefore contains tasty and well-digestible ingredients such as bread meal and toasted soya beans that provide a perfect balance between protein and energy, and contribute to a smooth transition and continuity of growth. The feeds listed below are focused on optimal growth that is appropriate to the pigs’ genetics and the set production objectives. Examples of suitable energy-rich products are Schoko Power and Robisco pellets.

FeedValid has various ingredients for porkers:

  • Toasted, full-fat soya beans as an optimally digestible replacement for protein-rich meal and oil.
  • Circular starch-rich ingredients based on dried bread and pastries.
  • Circular fat-rich ingredients, such as chocolate, fat-rich cake and crisps.

The following products are used in feeds for porkers: