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Ingredients for angling bait

Anglers use cake and bread products as ballast and for binding and/or making the bait tastier.

Cake products in bait for angling

Our cake products consist of finely ground cakes, waffles, sponge fingers, etc. Cake meal has a strong binding effect and adds flavour. The sweet smell lures the fish to the fishing spot.

Bread products in bait for angling

Depending on the requirements for bait, more or less adhesion is necessary. Bread crumbs contain mainly white bread that is very finely ground. It chiefly provides a lot of adhesion. Bread meal is a bit coarser than bread crumbs and consists of a combination of white and brown bread. Bread meal provides a slightly looser composition for the bait and does not bind it too strongly.

Overview of feed ingredients for bait: