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Ingredients for farmed fish feed

Traditionally, fish feed consists of fish meal and fish oil, especially for carnivorous fish such as eels, salmon and trout. However, while demand is increasing, the availability of fish meal and fish oil is decreasing. Because these fish mainly eat other types of fish their diet by nature has little fibre or carbohydrate and so they are not able to properly digest these. Their major source of energy is fat, which they store in their fatty tissues. Protein is necessary for (muscle) tissue structure.

The required proteins and fats can be partly derived from plant sources. Plant proteins are able to replace the necessary proteins in fish feed for up to 50%, without any consequences for growth.

The following products are used in feeds for farmed fish:

  • Protein-rich, full-fat ingredients, with high omega-3 and omega-6 content.
  • Dehusked protein and starch sources, such as peas, lupin and broad beans.
  • Wheat glutens, as concentrated plant-based protein source.

Overview of feed ingredients for farmed fish: