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Ingredients for dairy cattle feed

High-quality energy feed for dairy cows is optimally matched to the needs of the milch cow. The nutritional requirements of a lactating cow are different from those of a cow not producing milk. The right choice of ingredients produces optimal milk production with the desired fat and protein content.

FeedValid has various ingredients for dairy cattle:

  • Rumen bypass proteins and oilseeds, such as soya and rape products for enhanced milk production with consistent protein and fat content.
  • Tasty, enticing pellets based on energy-rich circular products.
  • Energy booster with muesli streams from food companies.
  • Non-GMO alternative protein ingredients based on linseed, lupin and peas.
  • Toasted, full-fat soya beans for high absorption and digestibility.
  • Gelatinized cereal flakes.

The following ingredients are used for dairy cattle feed: