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SoftAcid is a patented mixture of formic acid, propionic acid and modified lignosulfonic acid. In contrast to pure formic acid and propionic acid, SoftAcid is only slightly corrosive and does not cause burns on contact with skin.

The advantages of SoftAcid:

  • Just as effective as pure organic acids.
  • No negative effects on feed intake, not even at high doses.
  • Highly inhibiting effect against the growth of salmonella and coli.
  • User-friendly and not aggressive.
  • Significantly reduced corrosion on steel and concrete.
  • Low pH.
  • “Soft effect”, even in contact with water.
  • Prevents TMR heating.
  • Acidified milk is absorbed very well by calves.
  • Non-hazardous good.

Borregaard SoftAcids

In collaboration with the Norwegian company Borregaard we produce SoftAcid which allows organic acids to be applied effectively in cattle feed, grain, silage and drinking water systems.