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Ingredients for piglet feeds

A well-constituted piglet feed has to provide for healthy piglets without intestinal problems. That lays the foundation for the future growth and performance of the pigs.
Piglets have a need for a very tasty dietary ration that stimulates total feed intake and reduces the chance of diarrhoea after weaning. The ingredients of piglet feed must be aligned to the digestion capabilities of the digestive tract which, at this stage, is still small and under development.

FeedValid has various ingredients for piglets:

  • Toasted and extruded, full-fat soya beans for an optimal balance of well-digestible amino and fatty acids, and enhanced stomach viscosity.
  • Circular starch-rich ingredients, such as bread meal, for higher feed digestibility and enhanced stomach viscosity.
  • Circular, tasty, fat-rich ingredients, such as chocolate, fat-rich cake and crisps.
  • Protein-rich specialities, such as Digestru and wheat glutens.
  • Gelatinized cereal extrudates for optimal digestibility and stomach viscosity.

The following products are used in feeds for piglets: