Your former foodstuffs, our raw materials

Every foodstuff producer has to deal with side streams. You want to process these streams in an efficient and clean manner, and preferably sustainably as well. We use these leftovers as raw materials for valuable, circular animal feedstuffs.
FeedValid processes bread and dough products, chocolate and biscuit, confectionery and snacks, potato and rice products. And a lot more besides!
As a food producer, you will find an appropriate solution with us. This can vary from provision of containers at your business right through to a continuous waste stream process that is fully integrated into your production process. We manage it for you. This saves you time and effort. In addition, our automatic weighing and registration systems provide you with valuable data which you can use to further optimize your production processes.

Good waste stream management is an essential ingredient for a successful food-producing business.
FeedValid’s sound organisation and infrastructure enables us to respond quickly and flexibly.

Your first choice for processing your waste streams: that is what we aspire to be!

A fitting solution for every situation
A network of our own locations and partners in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France
Over 30 years experience in circular raw materials

Curious as to whether we can process your side streams into animal feed?

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Products that we process

Chocolate & biscuit products

Bread products

Potato products

Rice products

Animal feed for: