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Our products with rumen bypass fat contain lots of unsaturated fats that we have made rumen bypass-capable through heating.
In combination with rumen bypass proteins, these provide the small intestine of the cows with high-quality amino acids and high-quality fatty acids (omega-3 and omega-6) for optimal production. As well as optimal milk production with a high protein content in the milk, in practice this improves the fertility of dairy cattle.

Alternative to solid fat

Adding fats to the diet is an attractive option because they contain a lot of energy and few phosphates. But not all fats are the same. For instance, non-bypass unsaturated fats in the diet lead to an increase in milk production, but also lower milk-fat content. The latter consequence results from hydrogenation in the rumen of unsaturated fats. We counter this by making our unsaturated fats rumen-resistant.

Destruction of ANFs

Because we toast raw materials, the anti-nutritional factors (ANF) are destroyed without loss of protein quality.