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Ingredients for goat feeds

Balanced goat feed contains all the necessary nutrients in the correct proportions and quantity. This results in healthy goats and maximum milk output.
Goats are well able to digest cereals and these contain the necessary proteins, carbohydrates and fats. A varied diet stimulates the total feed intake of goats. Legumes, corn, wheat, rice and peas are suitable products for processing into the dietary ration for goats.

Ingredients for sheep feed

Sheep need roughage for proper rumen function and production of saliva against acidification. Supplementation with concentrated feed to provide the necessary energy, proteins and minerals is especially necessary before the service, during gestation and during suckling period to bring/keep the sheep in the correct condition.

FeedValid has the following ingredients for goats and sheep:

  • Rumen bypass proteins and oilseeds, such as soya bean meal and soya beans for a steady milk production with enhanced protein and fat content.
  • Tasty, enticing pellets based on energy-rich circular products.
  • Non-GMO alternative protein ingredients based on linseed, lupin and peas.

Overview of feed ingredients for goats and sheep: