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Ingredients for feeds for sows

Sows are becoming increasingly productive thanks to the improvements in breeding programmes. Consequently, they also have increasingly more piglets to feed. Optimal feeds for sows therefore contain sufficient proteins, energy and minerals for good digestion and health.
The ingredients in the feed for sows is aimed towards building up muscle, stronger bones, sufficient (fat) reserves and as stable a condition as possible. During gestation, sows need slightly more fibre-rich materials. In the lactation period sows require additional proteins and fats, depending on the sow’s weight and the number of piglets.

FeedValid has various ingredients for sows:

  • Toasted and extruded, full-fat soya beans for enhanced feed digestibility and milk production.
  • Circular starch-rich ingredients, such as bread meal, for enhanced feed digestibility and milk production.
  • Circular fat-rich ingredients, such as chocolate, fat-rich cake and crisps.
  • Gelatinized cereals (flakes and extrudates).

The following products are used in feeds for sows: