Priority 4. Innovative feed solutions

If there’s a chance to push the boundaries of circular production, FeedValid will be keen to get involved. So when poultry and arable farmer Johan Leenders was looking for a partner to turn his waste streams into animal feed for his Oranjehoen chickens, FeedValid was quick out of the blocks. “If we can have an impact somewhere by preventing food waste, we’re only too happy to work together with other companies”, confirms FeedValid’s Alexander Romme. “Revalorising waste streams is one of our key focus areas.”

Closing the loop at the farm
As FeedValid’s Chief Material Management Officer, Alexander has been involved with the foundation ‘Samen Tegen Voedselverspilling’ (‘United Against Food Waste’) for some time now. Working in partnership with other companies, this organisation is aiming to dramatically reduce food waste in the Netherlands. “It was through our participation in this foundation that we came into contact with Johan. With his Oranjehoen chickens he is closing the loop at the farm”, explains Alexander. “We feed waste from our arable activities directly to our Oranjehoen chickens and then use their manure to fertilise the fields”, confirms Johan.

Healthy and vital five-star chicken
Johan: “I was after a chicken that was brown and white, that had more pigment. To give the chickens this extra colour, we feed them mixed waste streams, including beet and carrots. The result is a healthy and vital five-star chicken with a fantastic flavour. And we also raise these chickens in an animal-friendly way in a sustainable and circular farm environment.”

Ongoing development, innovation and improvement
“I started looking for a partner to turn our carrots into chicken feed when the drying plant I’d always worked with stopped offering this. Alexander was very proactive from the outset”, Johan continues. “As a supplier of animal-feed ingredients, we play a key role in ensuring food quality. To supply top-quality products, we need to develop, innovate and improve on an ongoing basis. So if we see an opportunity to contribute in some way towards circular farming, we seize it with both hands. We heard Johan’s story and straight away it sounded like an appealing project. It’s great to be able to help”, explains Alexander.

Short, local chain
“This project involves a short, local chain, which works really well. The waste carrots from Johan and HelloFresh are sent to us. We then dry them, working in partnership with TopFeed. ForFarmers De Hoop turns them into premium-quality chicken feed, which Johan then feeds to his Oranjehoen chickens. The meat is then supplied to HelloFresh, so it’s a nice circular process.”

Renewable energy and residual heat
“And we follow that through right down to the last detail: the furnaces at the drying plant are heated using clean waste wood, mainly A-grade wood that we can use to generate renewable energy, while recovering the residual heat. How great is that? All these little details help companies bring down their carbon footprint. I’m convinced about that”, concludes Alexander.

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