‘Low-emission animal feed’ project is being subsidised by provinces and the EU

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FeedValid is a partner in the project ‘Low emission animal feed’. The aim is to reduce the emission of CO2 and nitrogen arising from the production of animal feed and its subsequent digestion by livestock. 


For their development and to be able to produce milk, dairy cows need proteins which they derive from grass and concentrated feed. Nitrogen is one of the constituents of proteins. The amount of nitrogen in the feed and the efficiency with which it is used influences the amount of nitrogen in the manure and thereby the emission of ammonia. In this project we are investigating ways of maintaining milk production at its current level, but with less nitrogen. Proteins with the right composition and rumen protection enable a more efficient use of the proteins and this in turn reduces the nitrogen emissions.
Sustainable additives that safeguard the health and improve protein and energy usage are a further focus of this project.


During the digestion of feed in the gastrointestinal tract of ruminants, methane (CH4) is formed. The amount of methane a cow releases is dependent mainly on the feed intake and the composition of the feed ration. We are researching how we can contribute to reducing that amount with our raw materials.


CO2 footprint of circular products

In collaboration with environmental consultants, Blonk Milieuadvies, we are developing a calculation tool which can work out the carbon footprint of circular animal feed ingredients (in CO2 equivalents). It covers the entire process frProject Emissiearm veevoerom the food manufacturer to processing, transport and usage on the farm. This enables the CO2 footprint of circular animal feed ingredients to be compared with regular ingredients so that compound feeds can be developed with a lower carbon footprint.

Production of animal feeds

A great deal of energy is required for the production of animal feeds. In this project we are working to lessen the CO2 arising from the production of animal feed.


Partners Project Low emission animal feed

The project comprises partners from the complete animal feed chain – from the raw material for animal feed through to milk: FeedValid. Agruniek Rijnvallei, Feed Innovation Services, Zetadec, Klaremelk, OFS and Agrivital International. The project has received a contribution of € 479,236 from the European Regional Development Fund, which is supported by contributions from the EU, and the Dutch provinces Gelderland and Overijssel.