Priority 3. Sustainable operations

D.C.P. (Dutch Cargo Purchase) is a major name in the field of sustainable water transport. The company has been optimising logistics management for transport via all European waterways since 1991 and is committed to making this transport as sustainable as possible. FeedValid has had an excellent working relationship with D.C.P. for a number of years now.

Sustainable engines and reduced nitrogen emissions
In recent years D.C.P. has invested significantly in the sustainability of its fleet. In 2019 it replaced the engines on all its own vessels with CCR2 engines, which meet the latest environmental standards. It has also started using a so-called BlackBox to reduce nitrogen emissions. A BlackBox links all on-board systems, allowing management data to be shared easily and crews to be given active coaching on ways to cut consumption. In the future it will even be possible to use this BlackBox to sail vessels partly autonomously.

Cutting fuel consumption
For every route travelled by a D.C.P. vessel, the company records as much data as possible, including fuel consumption. Many different factors influence the amount of energy consumed, such as the weather, currents or schedules. If the schedule allows, D.C.P.’s vessels sail at a slower speed. This means the engine is not running at full power, which saves fuel and reduces emissions. Loading vessels efficiently is another important consideration for the company.

Water transport: the right way to go
In the world of logistics, transporting goods by water is the right way to go. More freight can be carried at the same time over water than by truck, for example, which means that, relatively speaking, the overall emissions are lower. To ensure water transport remains a sustainable choice in the long term too, D.C.P. continues to modernise its fleet.