Priority 5. Partnerships across the chain

Animal-feed ingredients from first-class sources and of the very highest quality – that is what FeedValid is committed to achieving together with Voergroep Zuid. The sustainability of the products is also an important consideration. And the partnership has been a great success!

Voergroep Zuid works together with FeedValid as we are a reliable partner for supplying raw materials to its factory, which means Voergroep Zuid can also supply high-quality products to its own customers.

For Voergroep Zuid, exchanging knowledge with its partners is an important way to keep improving and to stay ahead on the market.

The two parties consult regularly on how products are used or any wishes Voergroep Zuid’s customers might have and are open with each other about analysis results and changes to the production process. This openness ensures FeedValid and Voergroep Zuid both get the most out of their partnership.

The partnership with FeedValid has enabled Voergroep Zuid to answer questions from the market particularly well.

FeedValid’s knowledge relating to sustainability and the origin of the products Voergroep Zuid buys also helps the company further improve the sustainability of its own products.

“Thanks to the openness of our partnership with FeedValid, Voergroep Zuid can improve its results, also for the benefit of livestock farmers, and we can achieve better performance together”, explains Maud van den Brand, nutritionist at Voergroep Zuid.