Priority 3: sustainable operations

FeedValid’s bread dryer – the largest of its kind in Germany – is located in the city of Hamm. At the beginning of this year, the dryer’s old heating system was completely modernised. This also involved replacing all the electrical components, the operating system and the main fan. It was a major project.

Ambitious schedule

Our aim was to dismantle all the old system components and install the new control cabinets in just 4 weeks. To ensure we kept to this schedule, the necessary preparations were made before the dismantling work began. This included assembling the new control cabinets, carrying out signal checks, writing and testing a new operating programme and installing a new steel structure.

Much more energy efficient

On 30 January 2023 everything was ready. More than 20 engineers, all working on site at the same time, successfully kept the project on track. In addition to modernising the dryer, we comprehensively renovated the grinder and two trough chain conveyors. The dryer’s main drive was also completely dismantled, overhauled and made as good as new. Now, a couple of months down the line, Germany’s largest bread dryer is back running at full capacity and is also much more energy efficient! Another important step has been taken towards a more environmentally friendly production process!