Snacks for distracting piglets

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For the control of animals in the barn, it can be useful to distract piglets with a snack. Keeping the piglets busy with looking for the snacks, and chewing, while the farmer can do his / her control work. Extruded grains and legumes snacks are a perfect material for distracting piglets.

Piglet snack as a distraction

Puffed peas, corn, barley and wheat

Our extruded grains and legumes are very lightweight and crunchy, making them attractive as a snack. The texture and shape is somewhat reminiscent of popcorn. Due to the large size, the snacks do not fall through the floor grids and are easy to find for the piglets. Due to the high volume and small amount you feed, the piglet snacks do not affect the feed ration.

Cereal and legume extrusion

FeedValid treats non-GMO raw materials (corn, wheat, peas and barley) after pre-conditioning with the twin extruder. This achieves a very high degree of starch digestion. Extruded grains and legumes have a high moisture-absorbing capacity.