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Highly productive animals require a large amount of protein. The total raw protein in the feed of cattle consists of soluble protein, biodegradable protein and rumen bypass protein. The rumen bypass protein portion cannot be broken down by the rumen microbes and only becomes available for absorption in the small intestine. This way, a cow gets more intestinally digestible protein (IDP) from soya, linseed, rapeseed, etc. The protein requirement can be difficult to satisfy with non-rumen bypass protein alone. For that reason, these animals need a larger proportion of protein in the form of rumen bypass protein.

FeedValid produces various rumen bypass proteins suitable for ruminants.
As rumen bypass proteins cannot be broken down by the rumen microbes, they become available in the gut for absorption into the blood.

Techniques for rumen bypass capability

FeedValid produces protein-rich raw materials, such as soy bean meal, rape meal, rape flakes, linseed, soya beans, lupin and peas to which we give rumen bypass capability through the use of various techniques. In this way, the rumen bypass capability of these products is increased from 35% to more than 80%.