The quality of life is determined by the quality of each ingredient.

At FeedValid, tomorrow starts today. As a progressive producer and supplier of feed ingredients, we look every day for ways to raise our quality to an even higher level.
The ingredients we deliver lie at the heart of animals’ quality of life. It therefore makes sense that we leave nothing to chance and want to know all about everything. Where did it originate from? How was it produced? What processing has it undergone at each stage in the chain? What qualities does it have? How digestible is it?
No question remains unanswered at FeedValid. We also have a sharp eye for every last detail. After all, the details are what determine the quality. Of our products. And certainly of our facilities, our processes, and our treatment of customers. Not forgetting how we treat each other. The people of FeedValid.
We go forward together. Together we take quality to a higher level. For ourselves, for the livestock feed producer, for the farmer, for the consumer, but above all for the lives of the animals. That is the basis for our success. Success today. And success tomorrow.


Our feed ingredients are of the highest quality and come from irreproachable sources.
Over 70% of our circular- and valorised ingredients originate in Europe.
Through the use of our ingredients we are contributing to a reduction in nitrogen, methane and carbon dioxide emissions.
In everything we do in the course of our business, we respect nature.
We endeavour to work in collaboration with suppliers who share our standards of quality.

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