Digestru non-GMO

Moisture 8,0%


Crude protein 52,2%


Crude fat 1,3%


Crude fiber 2,4%


Starch 4,6%


Sugar 7,8%


Digestru is an extruded product, composed of high-quality hydrolyzed mucosa protein, dried on a HP-soybean meal carrier. With intensive HTST-processing, protein digestibility is optimized and soy-ANF’s are minimalized. The product has an excellent acid composition, caused by the combination of animal and vegetable protein. Because the mucosa protein is completely hydrolyzed, digestru is qualified for processing at locations where both swine/poultry and ruminant feed is produced.

Digestru is a cost efficient replacer for high quality protein products, like fishmeal, skimmed milk powder and potato protein. The product is excellent suitable for application in young animal feed, because of its high protein digestibility.


Mucopro, HP-soyabeanmeal

Feed advice

Pigs: up to 10% in the ration
Poultry: up to 10% in the ration

Shelf life

Several months in dry conditions


  • High protein digestibility and minimalized soy ANF’s by HTST-processing
  • Excellent amino acid profile
  • Cost efficient replacement for fishmeal, skimmed milk powder and potato protein
  • Good flow properties
  • No dust
  • Combination of vegetable and hydrolyzed animal protein
  • Applicable for processing locations where swine/poultry feed as well as ruminant feed is produced
  • Available as GMO and non-GMO variant

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