FeedValid is a family business involved in the marketing, processing and production of singular and circularly raw materials. As a company we are a link in the supply chain, from raw materials to the end product at the consumer.

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Thanks to growth in the global population, the demand for foodstuffs will continue to grow over the years to come. The same applies to the demand for animal products. Animal products are essential for feeding the world, but their production leaves a giant footprint on our natural systems.

FeedValid firmly believes that we need to be increasingly efficient with our handling of the raw materials at our disposal. Especially because animal products are a vital part of the human diet. It is very important that more efficient and sustainable use is made of raw materials in the manufacture of animal products. For that reason, FeedValid is focusing on optimising the food chain step by step, creating a shift away from mass consumption towards specialities.

In our singular ingredients range we are seeing a growing trend towards special and/or locally purchased proteins. The food industry is looking for sustainable labelling and special concepts. FeedValid is actively committed to getting these new and existing ingredients into the supply chain in a sustainable and efficient manner as animal feed. We are witnessing huge growth in this segment, in particular. We will therefore invest heavily over the next few years so that we can be an important link here as well. 

Circularly ingredients are playing an even greater role in our whole production chain. It is therefore important that circularly products are rightfully placed and appreciated in the transition from the food chain to the feed chain. FeedValid has a strategy to invest in various techniques with the aim to create more efficiency and value on circularly products, for our clients and suppliers. We expect that the demand for these products will continue to rise due to all kinds of new developments and concepts in the food chain. 

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